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Screen Time
Scream Time

Connecting in a disconnected world

Graduate exhibition
Department of Design
Linnaeus University  
We are glued to our screens, yet dream to be free from them. Our disjunctured reality is the new normal.  

Screen Time || Scream Time is an online showcase of design works by + Change graduates at LNU, offering a space to connect in the midst of chaos, to reach out, tear apart, grow, oppose and construct. The collection of projects gives voice to design skills that build a sustainable future, embodying the thoughtful, oppositional, constructive, caring, sexy, critical, and humble design proposals students have been navigating in their final semester. The network of screens which compose the digital gallery showcase how creative minds connect with a curiously disconnected world, engaging and sharing vital ideas that provoke pertinent questions.  

Screaming into the digital abyss, students’ works seek to underline structural, systemic issues and make visible global, hyperlocal concerns through a variety of materialities, methods and scales. From each individual screen, burgeoning change agents scream their distinctive entanglements with interests and issues such as resistance and resilience, community building, socio-ecological relations, space reclamation, distributed economies, and strategies for restoration, regeneration and care.  

This vibrant digital collection has been shaped by the final year Design + Change bachelor and master degree students, and the Visual Communication + Change bachelor degree students at Linnaeus University. The Department of Design takes a radical pedagogical approach in an uncertain world, greeting complexity with brave curiosity through sustainability, which we identify as a  + Change perspective. This final exhibition is an annually recurring voice for the fourth year running / screaming.  

Online exhibition :https://2021.designportfoliolnu.se